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We took a little day trip on Saturday to Poppi.  Poppi is in the Casentino, an area to the northwest of Anghiari known for its beautiful scenery, natural resources, and food (of course).  There is a castle in Poppi which dates back to the 1200’s and is pretty well preserved.  We toured the castle from the dungeon, complete with prison and other implements of torture, to the bell tower where we happened to be at the stroke of 1:00.  So very glad we weren’t there at the stroke of 12:00.

After a quick panino (sandwich) we stopped by a vintage car show.  What is it with boys and cars?  IMG_9303Then we went to the Arezzo antique market.  They have a huge antique market the first weekend of every month.  It’s known all over the area as a great place to find furniture and all manner of do-das.  Hunter was on the prowl for watches and fountain pens.  He scored on both counts and got a few pens and a watch.  I had a great time furnishing my imaginary Italian home.  We decided that we would visit again on Sunday since we didn’t have time to see everything.  We had to get back and get ready for dinner at Michelangelo and Rossella’s.

We have been friends with Michelangelo and Rossella for many years.  We always go to their home when we visit – usually more than once.  On Saturday we met them and their daughter Anna for dinner near their home and then went back to their house for dessert.  We had dinner at a place called Testone and they served caccia.  Caccia is kind of bread that’s cooked over wood and is stuffed with an amazing array of different things.  You can get whatever you want stuffed into your caccia.  It was very good, but very filling.  Combined with the panini we had at lunch, we were a little carbed out.  But we rallied and managed to eat the dessert.  We are troopers.

Hunter and Michelangelo discovered their shared interest in watches and we discussed history, movies, music, Latin, and books.  It was a great evening with old friends and the new addition of our grandson.  Very nice.



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