Good Company

They’re here!  Tim and Julie arrived Tuesday afternoon at about 4:00.  They arrived as everyone does after that trans-Atlantic flight – tired, hungry, dazed and feeling grungy.  Yet looking miraculously glorious.  Not only did they have to endure the flight, they also took the train from Milan to Florence, then another from Florence to Arezzo where Steve picked them up for the drive to Anghiari.  Long, long day.

We had Italian drinks and Italian snacks out on the terrace and they started coming back to life.  Aperol spritzes, prosecco, salami from both Norcia and Casentino, prosciutto from our butcher in Anghiari, melon, cheese, cheese, and more cheese, tomatoes, mozzarella (more cheese) and basil.  The weather had looked threatening all day and the forecast was for thunderstorms, but they graciously stayed away until after midnight.  After a little pizza in the piazza, everyone tucked in for a good night’s sleep.

Wednesday we thought we would have a relatively easy day.  We met Rossella and Anna for lunch in Citta di Castello.  It was a great reunion, but without Michelangelo there to keep everything translated, it was a little hard to communicate.  Still, we managed to eat and talk and visit for two and a half hours.

After lunch we strolled around Citta a little, then stopped by Sansepolcro on the way home.  We went to the L’erbolario store for magic potions and to the wine store for more magic potions.  Arrived home just in time for happy hour on the terrace.  Since we ate so much at lunch, we decided not to have the food spread again.  We just enjoyed the view and the company.  After vowing we’d never eat again, we walked down to La Nena for just a little bite.  Well, we only have so many meal opportunities and we have to make the most of them.  Besides, skinny Steve wanted a piece of meat.

Well, we did pretty good for people who were over the top full.  IMG_2550(2)We did so good that the only thing we got pictures of were the fried porcinis we started with and the empty dessert plate that no one wanted.  In between, Tim and I had a pork chop that was heavenly.  Everything about it was great, but the thing that we just couldn’t figure out was the taste.  The flavor was like no other pork chop we’ve ever tasted.  And it was just simply grilled with nothing on it.  It was almost a religious experience.  Sorry you can’t see it.  Even more sorry you can’t taste it.  Julie had ribolitta, that wonderful bowl of veggie goodness.  Steve had his meat – a plate of mixed grilled meats.  One of my favorite things to get.  A little of everything, grilled to perfection.  And then panna cotta for dessert, even though we all said no, no dessert, we’re too full.  Here’s what was left of that.IMG_2552(1)

I think Tim and Julie have had a good time so far.  I can tell you one thing, they have certainly eaten well.  We’ll get their stomachs into shape so that they can keep up with us as we try to keep up with the Italians.  It’s a tough job, but it has to be done.

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