Cathy in ItalyMy name is Cathy Walls and this is the chronicle of our amazing travels to Italy.  We’ve had a love affair with Italy since our first trip in 1997.  After more than two decades of traveling to Italy, we moved here in 2021.  We left the American South for Tuscany to experience a different lifestyle and a different point of view.  We hope to have our minds opened, our stomachs filled, and our souls satisfied.





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Andy Hall September 10, 2021
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Well, obviously Gale and I are envious! But you’ll see Tim and Julie soon and they can bring back some great stories I’m sure!

JulieAnn August 9, 2021
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Hi Cathy , I am a friend if Annie Bosso, love your blog and I live here in castiglion Fiorentino . Would love to connect ! JulieAnn

Victoria A Shanahan August 7, 2021
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Oh! When I look at your photos and read your stories my heart rate slows down! It’s not like being there but I’ll take it.

Letitia September 21, 2015
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otis redding September 5, 2015
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love it

Susan September 3, 2015
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