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We Wake up to Snow

Recently we had dinner at Michelangelo and Rosella’s.  It was, as usual, fabulous.  We had antipasto of prosciutto, cheeses, and spreads that were so delicious I didn’t get a picture.  For dinner, she made polenta with pancetta, sausage, and mushrooms.  And because that was just not enough, she also had sausage wrapped in pancetta, because how do you make sausage better?  Wrap it in pancetta.  And for dessert, a crostata with figs and walnuts.  It was the perfect meal for a chilly evening and it was a delight to be back at their table with more friends.

As we were leaving their house, which is out in the country with a gorgeous view, Michelangelo commented that the skies looked like snow.  He was right!  About 2:30 the next morning, we were awakened by a little winter storm.  The wind was whipping and a nice little snow was falling.  It was mainly a wintry mix, but there was definite snow.  Not expected or forecast.

The next day was bright and sunny and it melted right away.   But it was our first snowfall of the year.  They say it doesn’t really snow here that much, maybe once a year.  Was this it?  Only time will tell.

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