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We Have Visitors

Our friends David and Edith just got here for a visit.  David is one of Steve’s oldest friends and they grew up together in Rome, Georgia.  So, it’s very fitting that we’re getting to see them in Italy (not Rome, but still).  We have a lot of things planned over the next couple of weeks, but for now they’re trying to adjust to having their bodies hurled across the Atlantic Ocean and crossing several times zones.

We went easy on them for their first few hours and concentrated on the essentials:  gelato, drinks, and dinner.  Because they are fine people with exceptional taste, they settled right in and savored it all, even though they were severly jet-lagged.

David and Edith have their first gelato
David and Edith have their first gelato

We had dinner at the restaurant down below us and it was a great first meal in Italy.  Today we’re driving to the Chianti area for lunch and to take in the beautiful scenery and maybe visit a winery or two.

It’s wonderful to see good friends in this new environment.  It reminds us of home and where we came from.  It also reminds us of why we’re here, and part of that is to share this experience with those we love.  It makes it that much more special for us and adds a layer to the memories we’ll carry back home.  A very good layer.

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