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Our Apartment

Our apartment is perfect.  It’s part of an old palazzo which has been in the Busatti family for about 200 years.  The building is over 300 years old.  The Busatti shop is on the ground level and the apartment is just above it.  You climb an ancient staircase and wind around to the front door.  You enter into a huge living area, dining area, sitting room, and massive fireplace.  To the left is a large kitchen, again with a massive fireplace.  A covered balcony is off the kitchen and the three bedrooms are down the hall off the right of the sitting room.  There are two bathrooms, so we all have our own space and plenty of privacy.

We couldn’t have imagined a better place.  It’s filled with antiques and Hunter analyzed every joint and mortise and tenon in every door and piece of furniture.  He is captivated by wood and craftsmanship, so this is like a treasure trove to him.  The views from the balcony and bedroom windows are over the ancient city walls and the beautiful Valtiberina, the Tiber Valley.  Perfetto.

It’s so nice to come back here after a long day of sightseeing and activity and have all this space to spread out in.  The terrace, the living room, the sitting room, the kitchen, the bedrooms – it’s like being home.  And we all feel at home here.



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