Lazy Sunday

We went back to Arezzo on Sunday and finished the antique market.  Another beautiful day and we got to see a renaissance marching band.  We were strolling through the market and heard the music and saw a band all decked out in Renaissance costumes marching through town.  It was very cool. IMG_9324 (2) 1






IMG_9285 (2)
My view most of the time

After a couple of hours of shopping, we were pretty hot, sweaty, and tired.  A quick lunch and we decided to go back home and relax before meeting Michelangelo and Rossella for dinner (again!).  Steve did our laundry (thanks!) and Hunter and I sat in the piazza and had a nice, cool drink.  You can legally drink here at 18, but their views on alcohol are so much different than ours that I’ve seen children have wine with water in it at restaurants.  So IMG_9331 1Hunter has decided to try out some drinks and see what he thinks.  So far he’s had a few different kinds of beer (just tastes, not the whole thing), amaretto, and rum and coke.  For our happy hour on Sunday we had aperol spritzes.  My favorite Italian summer drink.  He liked it and my guess is he’ll have a few more before we leave.

Dinner was a feast, as it always is at their home.  An array of appetizers, pasta with sausage, porcini mushrooms, and truffles, grilled pork, sausage, and turkey, roasted potatoes, and salad.  Excellent.  Hunter tried prosecco and liked it.  Another plus in the drink column.  Michelangelo showed Hunter some of his vintage watches and Hunter was quite impressed.  Another great day in Italy.

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